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Welcome to Lavender Lanes 'DogPatch Sheepadoodles'



 We only breed Sheepadoodles and we own the parent dogs which are our family pets and live with us in our home. You should browse this page if you are seriously considering owning a Sheepadoodle. We are not backyard breeders and have long been part of the purebred world of dogs until we started breeding Sheepadoodles, our Hybrid. We only have a couple litters a year usually one in the Spring, one late Summer/early Fall. We provide the top medical care, food, housing and socialization available to our dogs and their puppies. We have many many references. These dogs are part of our family. Also you should know that if for any reason one of our puppies does not fit into your family home we will work with you to either re-home the puppy or we will take the puppy back to our home and find a suitable family for the puppy to go to ourselves. Our puppies cannot be re-sold or passed on without our expressed permission and they must be spay/neutered by 7 months of age for the purchase to be complete. There are other Sheepadoodle breeders out there but take your time and check them out before deciding on your next canine companion. You usually get what you pay for. Ask about their health guarantees, parent dog health lineage and what happens if you can't keep your dog for any reason. We have rehomed dogs from other Sheepadoodle breeders as they do not screen where their puppies go and often circumstances change and they won't help rehome them or take them back to do this themselves. There is a big difference between a breeder who has a couple dogs they put together yearly and what we do. We do not live off our puppy money so we can choose to be very selective in our breeding, placement and guarantee.

Our Veterinarian

All our adult dogs as well as their litters are taken care of by our trusted veterinarian staff and you will be welcome to have the full contact information if you decide to purchase a puppy from us. We only breed Sheepadoodles and our puppies are born and raised in our home with our family. They are allowed to venture into our large fenced yard only once they have been health checked by our veterinarian at 6 weeks. I have them vaccinated again at either 10 weeks before they leave for their new home as well as deworm them.

Feeding our Dogs and Puppies

We feed our dogs and puppies what we feel (after much research) the best pet foods available. I want to give my dogs and your puppies the very best I can give them so we feed TLC Pet Food for our Canadian based puppies or Blue Buffalo Large Breed puppy food for our US customers. Check it out for yourself at http://www.tlcpetfood.comTLC Whole Life Petfoods- Free Delivery! or http://bluebuff.com. TLC has free deliver and Blue Buffalo can be purchased in any good Pet Store. They both offer wonderful organic, health based ingredients which can be used for the life of the dogs. We do also like Wellness puppy food for large breeds.

 How Much do our Sheepadoodles cost?

The cost of purchasing one of our puppies from our litters is as follows: 

Puppies pricing starts at $1500.  Shipping is extra and based on airline pricing, you are welcome to come and visit us and pick up your puppy though. Puppies will be shipped to the USA out of Toronto or Buffalo airport whichever is the best and shortest route for the puppy. We love to meet our new Sheepadoodle family members. Come to Lavendar Lane Farm to visit the DogPatch and meet our pack!

All our puppies will leave with up-to-date vaccinations and will have all their paperwork signed by our Vet at time of departure. If you want your puppy Microchipped please let us know and we will have this done if possible before they leave on their final Vet visit. Okay... how do you proceed with the adoption?

If you are interested in adopting one of our adorable puppies then you must get on a waiting list. There is a $400 non refundable deposit required that will go towards the purchase price. To place a deposit, please CONTACT us.





Purchasing a puppy...

We do require a deposit when you commit to taking one of our puppies. Shipping varies and we ship outside Canada to pre approved homes. Pricing for shipping can be emailed to you individually. We do not accept personal cheques but we do use Paypal and Postal Money Orders and if you coming to pick up your puppy then the balance can be paid in cash. You can email for more information, we do charge a 4% paypal fee to cover the paypal processing costs. Please be sure full payment arrives a minimum of 15 days before shipping date. We do not allow our puppies to go home before they are 8 weeks old, so please do not ask.

Shipping via the airlines is dependant on several factors and can be discussed individually as well. Please fill out our
puppy adoption contract, and email it with your deposit details. All deposits are non-refundable, but it can be transferred to a future puppy if needed. Mailing address will be sent to individuals as requested.
Let us know if you have any other questions by contacting us and we thank you for visiting our site!